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Allen Bradley Products

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Reducing Electrical Noise

Reducing Electrical Noise

Electrical noise is present in every electrical system. It can disrupt the feedback signals (especially with resolvers) on the motor and cause the drive to misread information and not perform as instructed. Noise is a little thought, high impact problem that is relatively easy to minimize.

Cable Selection Is Crucial

Try to buy cable with the correct number of wires. Use twisted pairs for the send and return of each circuit if possible. Keep your cables as short as possible, and do not just coil up the extra cable and leave it in a cabinet.

Always Use Shielded Cabling

Just having a shield inside the cable is not enough; it needs to be properly grounded at either the motor or the drive but not both. Shielded cabling can actually make your problem worse if you do not have a solid ground.

Keep Feedback Cables from Looping around or Running Closely Parallel to High Voltage Cables

Maximizing distance between communication and high voltage cabling will minimize the impact of noise on your system.

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